About me

Hello there !

My name is Emilie Moulinié and I’m a 3D environment & lighting artist, working in the video game industry, passionate with photography and images.

Since my childhood, I’ve always carred my camera with me, during travels and walks. I’m very interested with the ambiance of a scene, capturing moments and emotions in my pictures. This is why I do a lot of protraits, but I also try to create so insteresting composition with landscapes.

This special blog regroup my work on various photo series. Sometimes to experiment, to sharpen my skill or just to remember me some important moments.

Photography is also a very important way for me to capture moments and carrying them with me, all my life. Memories are what make us how we are today.

But as I’m mostly working in the video game industry, you can also want to saw my professional portfolio, check out here !

Don’t hesitate to contact me (moulinie.emilie[at]gmail.com) if you have any request.